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I’d like to tell you that, at last, there’s an affordable alternative to expensive dental insurance.
Save up to 80% with this dental plan !  The affordable alternative to expensive dental insurance.

Perhaps you already know: 70% of Americans go without dental insurance coverage. Even those fortunate enough to enjoy medical insurance can’t always afford the add-on benefits of dental insurance. Clearly, an affordable alternative dental plan is needed. Hi– my name is Larry Wall. We didn’t have dental insurance either, but I’m pleased to say that we found the affordable alternative.

It happened like this: A while back my wife needed root canal therapy. Our regular dentist said he didn’t do root canals, so he referred us to a specialist. When we called the specialist for an appointment we found out that he wanted $800 for the service! Of course we shopped around for cheaper dentists, but the best price we found was still $600. Then we found out about our dental plan through a friend.

With the new plan my wife’s root canal ended up costing only $325. We saved 46%– or $275! But if you count our regular (or former) dentist’s recommendation that’s a 59% or $475 savings. How’s the quality of service? My finicky wife couldn’t be more pleased with our new dentist, his office and the services she gets. And yes, you’re right: we often think about all the money we could have saved if we’d only had our dental plan all those years. . .

Let me tell you a little more about the plan:

  • This dental plan is not insurance (You must use a network provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service)
  • And since it’s not insurance there are no waiting periods!
  • No deductibles
  • All preexisting conditions are covered (unheard of with dental insurance!)
  • No restrictions on age
  • No restrictions on how many visits you make
  • No claim forms with this dental plan
  • All specialists are included (even orthodontics)
  • 18,000 dental providers nationwide– the largest APO dental network owned and managed by one company
  • All dental providers are credentialed to the National Council on Quality Assurance (NCH) standards
  • Click here to locate a provider in your area
  • Read these important FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Find out how much you’ll save. Select the state where you live:

It sounds good so far, doesn’t it? But there’s more:

About your vision, prescription and chiropractic benefits that come with this dental plan

Save up to 60% on Your Vision Care.
(I saved $164.48, or 34%, on my new eyeglasses and the eye exam at Pearle Vision in the local mall!). Click here for a summary of the vision care benefits.

Big Savings of up to 50% on Your Prescriptions. When my doctor prescribed some expensive antibiotic ear drops this plan saved me $43 or 44% off the regular “cash price” (that’s the price somebody without insurance or a benefit plan would pay). Click here for a summary of prescription benefits included in this dental plan.

Save up to 50% on Chiropractic services. Click here to learn about the chiropractic benefits included in this dental plan.

Here are some comments by people across the U.S. who have used the dental plan:

“I joined Ameriplan, and I saved over $800 in my first month at the
dentist office.”
Kevin B. – Jacksonville Beach, FL

“I joined Ameriplan, went to the dentist right away, and saved $95 on
my first visit.”
Shelley P. – Jacksonville, FL

“I joined Ameriplan and went to an Oral Surgeon the same day I
joined. I saved over $500 on one visit.”
Mary L. – Jacksonville, FL

“I had my teeth cleaned and x-rayed and I saved $65.00. Well worth it,
I am very pleased with my dentist Dr. Cahen.”
Rose J. – Boulder City, NV

“I saved $150.00 three weeks ago when I had my teeth bleached. It
would have cost $300.00 without Ameriplan. Over the past two years
Ameriplan has saved me over $3,500.00″
Tracey G. – Jacksonville, FL

“Recently, I had a severe toothache on a Saturday night. I called
around and was told that it would cost me $200.00 just to open up the
dentists’ office! I waited until Monday and went to an Ameriplan
dentist; it was my first time using the plan. I remember going to the
bank and taking out a large amount of money, having no idea how much
it would cost me. They took x-rays and extracted the tooth for a
total of $57.00, without Ameriplan this would have cost me around
$345.00. I was so happy! My wife couldn’t believe it, from that day
on we kept using Ameriplan.”
Matthew J. – New York, NY

“I needed a root canal and had no insurance; I used Ameriplan and
saved several hundred dollars. I also saved on x-rays and fillings.
We are very satisfied”
Jess E. – Delran, NJ

“I have regular dental insurance as well, so I use your discounted
rate and file the remainder with my insurance company. So my visits
cost me even less.”
Patricia T. – Katy, TX

“Well, I was going to get my wisdom teeth pulled, but when I found
out the cost I just about flipped out. Then I found out about
Ameriplan and how inexpensive the Ameriplan premiums were. This
would allow me to save up to 80%, I said I better give this a chance.
Talk about incredible savings! I saved $750 on three of my wisdom
teeth and then another $150 on the last one. Now I tell everyone
about it and the great opportunity. You can’t afford not to!”
Patrick C. – Washington

“I have just this week had a prescription change requiring me to
purchase new trifocal lens to replace my previous bifocals. The new
lens would have cost $138. But thanks to Ameriplan, the optician
honored a 40% discount on this purchase, so I was able to get the
lens replacement for $78. Many thanks for this membership benefit.”
Sally R. – Maine

“The retail value of frames from Pearle Vision was $139.95. With
Ameriplan only $90.97, a 35% discount. On transitions my price was
$89.00, a 28% discount.”
Agatha S. – New York

“My employer does not offer dental or vision insurance in out
benefits package. I turned to AmeriPlanUSA for my dental needs, and
I will never turn back. I have had dental coverage in the past, but
it didn’t even come close to the coverage that I am receiving from
AmeriPlan. In my first visit to the dentist, I saved enough to pay
for 8 months of premiums from AmeriPlan. Better yet, all I had done
was an oral exam and a panoramic x-ray!! I will be a plan member for
a long time to come.
P.S. – I can’t wait for my next eye appointment to see how much I am
going to save there.”
Jason Tagel – Plymouth, WI

You can enroll from this page now. Start saving money and enjoying good dental health!

This dental plan offers a 30 day money back guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
We couldn’t be happier with our dental plan. We’re a family of four and we’ve only just begun to save over and over again with all our various health benefits. You’ll be pleased too– or you’ll get your money back. Here’s our guarantee: If you use any of your benefits (dental, vision, prescription or chiropractic) within 30 days of your enrollment date and are not completely satisfied, simply cancel your enrollment for a full membership refund – no questions asked!
To enroll in the plan, click here then click on “Enroll Now.”Enroll in the dental plan using Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.
If you want more information, call toll free voice mail at 1-877-590-4176 or e-mail us at dentalplanusa@hotmail.com