Dental Plan Saves Up to 80% on Dental Care

dentalI`d like to tell you that, at last, there`s an affordable alternative to expensive dental insurance.

Perhaps you already know: 70% of Americans go without dental insurance coverage. Even those fortunate enough to enjoy medical insurance can`t always afford the add-on benefits of dental insurance. Clearly, an affordable alternative dental plan is needed. Hi-- my name is Larry Wall. We didn`t have dental insurance either, but I`m pleased to say that we found the affordable alternative.
It happened like this: A while back my wife needed root canal therapy. Our regular dentist said he didn`t do root canals, so he referred us to a specialist. When we called the specialist for an appointment we found out that he wanted $800 for the service! Of course we shopped around for cheaper dentists, but the best price we found was still $600. Then we found out about our dental plan through a friend. 
With the new plan my wife`s root canal ended up costing only $325. We saved 46%-- or $275! But if you count our regular (or former) dentist`s recommendation that`s a 59% or $475 savings. How`s the quality of service? My finicky wife couldn`t be more pleased with our new dentist, his office and the services she gets. And yes, you`re right: we often think about all the money we could have saved if we`d only had our dental plan all those years.
Let me tell you a little more about the plan:
This dental plan is not insurance (You must use a network provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service)
And since it`s not insurance there are no waiting periods!
No deductibles
All preexisting conditions are covered (unheard of with dental insurance!)
No restrictions on age
No restrictions on how many visits you make
No claim forms with this dental plan
All specialists are included (even orthodontics)
18,000 dental providers nationwide-- the largest APO dental network owned and managed by one company
All dental providers are credentialed to the National Council on Quality Assurance (NCH) standards
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