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(Frequently Asked Questions)


Is this plan a kind of insurance?
No. It's a "discounted fee for service" or "referral" plan. You must use a network provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service. For many of us this plan is clearly preferable to insurance because of its affordability and, unlike insurance, there are no deductibles, waiting period, claims forms or age limits. And you can use your benefits as many times as you want.

Do I have to use one of the network providers?
Yes. That's how we're able to keep your cost of benefits so low. Each provider is a licensed and experienced professional. Every dental provider, for example, is carefully screened by the network. A network representative visits the dentist's office to ensure that quality of care and professional standards are met before the dentist is accepted into the network.

How soon can I use the plan benefits?
Within 24 to 48 hours, not counting weekends, if you apply online or by phone. It takes that long for you to become active in our computer system. If you enroll by mail you can use the plan as soon as your membership card arrives-- 10 to 14 days after you mailed your application.

How do I use the benefits?
Just make an appointment with one of our network providers (if required) and present your Membership Card when you arrive to get discounted benefits.

Are preexisting conditions covered?
Yes, except only for dental orthodontics (braces) that are in progress. This plan isn't insurance. Insurance usually denies coverage for "preexisting conditions" and a has a "waiting period" before you can use the benefits.

Do I have claims forms to fill out?
Absolutely not. You simply go to one of our providers, show him or her your Membership Card, and get services at a discount fee.

How many family members can use the plan?
There's no limit. Every family member living at the same address may use the same plan.

How do I find a provider in my area?
Click here to learn the closest provider to you. Once you enroll as a member you'll also receive a provider directory as a part of your membership kit.

Can I use the plan when I'm traveling?
Yes. We have providers across the country, so you can get health benefits away from home.

What if I decide that I don't like the plan. Can I get my money back?
Yes, you can. We have a 100% money back guarantee. If you use any of your benefits (dental, vision, prescription or chiropractic) within 30 days of your enrollment date and are not completely satisfied, simply cancel your enrollment for a full membership refund - no questions asked!

How do I enroll now?
You can enroll online now. Click here then follow the prompts to "Enroll Now" on the secure encrypted form. Your personal information is safe with us! You can enroll by phone at 800-304-7505.


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